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 Gimmel Tammuz: The Sun Stands Still

Reaching a Higher Level of Connection

The Rebbe teaches that an event can be understood by examining previous events that occurred previously on the same day of the year.

How do we understand Gimmel Tammuz?  A chossid’s hergesh is that it is not the same as Yud Shevat, but how do we know?

The Rebbe has given us the tools to see Gimmel Tammuz for what it is: the beginning of a deeper and higher degree of hiskashrus between Chosid and Rebbe, a higher level of revelation that demands a higher level of avodah.

Gimmel Tammuz demands that we maintain a strong connection even when the external aspect is not revealed.  This an avodah that transcends the intellect, the realm of “revelations”, and reaches to the essence.

We will attempt in this small booklet to take a deeper look at what the Rebbe wants us to understand about this day.  It is the day that Yehoshua bin Nun performed the miracle of making the sun stand still, allowing the Yidden to be victorious by their own efforts.

It is also the day that proved to be the beginning of the redemption of the Friedicker Rebbe, even though Chassidim at the time were uncertain whether to dance or cry.

From the sichos we will see that the Rebbe prepared the way for us not to be confused or weakened by Gimmel Tammuz, and instead to reach a greater level of hiskashrus, and to bring the Geulah!

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