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After the klipa (the “spirit of impurity”) will be removed, we will have the same world, only on a completely different level. Because Man and the world will be refined and elevated, on a completely different level, the mitzvos we will do will be completely different as well: Following the sin and the expulsion from Gan Eden our mitzvos only serve “to refine the physical evil…[However,] the ultimate form of mitzvos is only in the Days of Moshiach, because then it will be like before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge…In the future the mitzvos of sacrifices will be in a higher way, and so, too, all the mitzvos in the future will be [performed] in a completely different manner.” In a way that is free from the constraints of the physicality of today.

This is because before Moshiach comes and ushers in the true and complete Redemption, our mitzvos are only signs. As the Alter Rebbe writes: “the physical aspect of mitzvos as they are enclothed in physical matters are a ‘sign’…because the physical mitzvos are hints to the spiritual aspect that is in them.”

To illustrate this by way of an analogy: an object in this physical world is like a bank check. A bank check is written on paper which is inherently worthless. But because the check represents money which the bank has in its vault, and they will give you that money when you cash the check, therefore the check is now (temporarily) something quite valuable. Not because of the paper it is written on (which remains worthless), but because of the value that is “concealed” within it. The check represents the physical item, and the value it possesses—the cash which can be obtained through the check—represents the holy sparks which are in every physical object.

Just as a check exists only so that we will cash it so we can receive its hidden value and afterwards the check reverts to being worthless paper, so it is with the physical world: because sparks of holiness fell into the klipos, those objects now have value. But the goal is to extract the sparks, “cash the check”, and after the sparks have been extracted from it, the physical is as worthless as a cancelled check. The check is important because without it we cannot get the money, the physical is important because without it we cannot extract the holy sparks. But after the check is cashed, it is once again nothing but worthless paper; and after the physical object is refined and all the sparks of holiness have been extracted and then elevated, it is once again nothing but lowly klipa without any vitality of its own.
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