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For 40 years the Rebbe gave blessings, advice and instruction through the “garment of this world”, which means a physical body as we know it.  The Rebbe’s hashpa’a was given via letters, which the Rebbe dictated from his office; through sichos given at farbrengens;  through dollars placed in a person’s physical hand.  The spiritual, G-dly flow of sustenance was enclothed in the garment of the natural world.  Although a Jew knows that the Rebbe’s blessing and prophetic insights come from the Rebbe’s inner, spiritual aspect, nonetheless the “gentile within us” was strengthened from the fact that it was always garbed in nature—the Rebbe’s actions in the physical world.  Seeing the Rebbe “in the flesh” nurtured the  perspective of the “gentile within” that the natural world—what he could see of the Rebbe—is (at least partially) the source of the sustenance.

However, when the “Sun stood still” on 3 Tammuz 5754, meaning that the external, visible aspect of the Moshe Rabbeinu of the generation ceased its movement, the “gentile within” can no longer see a physical source for the blessings and guidance.  But the flow of sustenance to Israel continues, meaning that the blessings and advice and guidance do not cease, as attested to by the numerous ways the Rebbe continues to guide us today, whether through the concepts imparted via sichos and letters, or through answers received via Igros Kodesh, or in dreams, or through other means.  In this way, the perspective of the “gentile within”—which claims that the material, external existence is significant—is defeated by the perspective of the G-dly soul, which is that the material world and nature is simply a garment, an external covering for the flow of sustenance which is really coming from Hashem.